Smuttynose Brewing Co. of Portsmouth, N.H. will be canning its Blueberry Short Weisse, a 5.1 percent ABV berliner-syle wheat ale brewed with blueberries.

The beer was first released last year in 12-ounce bottles as part of the brewery’s Smuttlabs division, but this is the first of the Short Weisse beers to be canned. Other beers in the Short Weisse series include, a strawberry, a kiwi, and several cherry varietals, with the strawberry coming to cans in the near future.

According to a post on the brewery’s Instagram page, Blueberry Short Weisse will be packaged in 12-ounce cans that are scheduled to be available at retailers starting on the fourth of July.

“The alcohol has been reduced from 6.9% to 5.2% and we’ve removed the smoked malt from the grain bill,” said JT Thompson, head of publicity and communications for Smuttynose, in an email to Tenemu. “The process is still the same but the changes to the grain bill make for a much more drinkable beer.”