Smuttynose Brewing Co. is set for a makeover. Per a recent post on their website, the Hampton, N.H. brewery has tweaked their labels and packaging. The iconic photos will remain intact, just the logos and colors will be punched up. Specifically, the change includes:

  • Silhouetted iconic images
  • Larger brand type
  • Simplified color story
  • Larger Smutty logos

They also revealed that Cy, the gentleman in a green hat on its IPA label, has been promoted to appear on all bottle and can packs. He will pop up in surprising, yet to be reveled future releases, too.

Only Vunderbar Pilsner will have a complete image overhaul as they replaced the traditional German couple now seen on the label with their tribute to the classic film vixen Lola Lola from The Blue Angel. This change conveys that it is now a year round option as well amplifies the German beer style and theme. Vunderbar was made every now and again, but since 2014 has been part of their core beer line up.

The new packaging will begin to trickle into the market as inventory of old packaging runs out.