The word connotes a sense of salty air and is a natural companion for wrapping sushi into rolls. Turns out, it can also be used to make beer.

Smuttynose’s Smuttlabs describes the creation of Selkie as beginning “with a trip to Scotland and a chance encounter with a seaweed beer. Unable to forget that memorable taste, Joanne (Francis) returned to the States with a mission to bring it to the Seacoast.”

Selkie is a collaboration between Smuttlabs and the University of New Hampshire Aquaculture program. The university uses sugar kelp to aid in purifying water for their Steel Head trout. Smuttlabs of Portsmouth, N.H. used 60 pounds of the kelp to create the first batch of the Scotch red ale.

Selkie originally debuted in 2016 at 4.9 percent ABV on draft only at the Portsmouth brewery. For this bottled version, the ABV has increased to 6 percent, according to a label filed with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). Selkie bottles contain 500ml of beer.

Continuing in the spirit of collaboration, Smuttlabs opened a photo contest that concluded in May to produce the artwork for the label. The new version of Selkie featuring the contest winning artwork was released in June.

An email sent to Smuttlabs seeking further was not immediately returned.