There is a smaller size Crowler can that is available now.

Jeremy Rudolf, the Oskar Blues employee often credited with leading the company’s Crowler project, has confirmed to Tenemu that a 750ml Crowler size has been released and is currently in use at Minneapolis, Minn.-based Sociable Cider Werks.

According to Rudolf, the smaller sized Crowler is for customers who “are looking for a single serve seize as well as less volume so they can package barrel aged and other high price per ounce beers at an accessible price.” Rudolf also told Tenemu that the 750ml sized can is the smallest volume that will work with the same lid as the 32-ounce Crowler, and will work on the same machine as the larger can after a simple height modification.


First introduced in 2014, The Crowler is a one-use aluminum can that comes in  750ml and 32-ounce sizes composed of 68 percent recycled content that is both filled and sealed with a custom machine that features a design based on one commonly used for canning perishable food. Oskar Blues developed the machine with Ball Corporation. As the popularity of the Crowlers have grown, Oskar Blues has sold the Crowler system to other breweries, growler bars and even coffee bars.

Update (April 16, 2015) — The original version of this story was published on April 15. The story has been updated with additional details regarding the 750ml Crowler’s availability.