Cans just got an upgrade.

Brooklyn, N.Y.-based Sixpoint Brewery has announced that it has introduced a new packaging option for its Bengali IPA, 24-ounce “SILO Cans” featuring a thread-fastened lid that can be resealed after it is opened, retaining both carbonation and freshness compared to an open bottle or regular can. The cans are being tested in select markets before being officially launched at some point in the future.

Sixpoint Bengali IPA SILO Can

The idea was to provide a solution to people looking for a lightweight, resealable, pre-packaged mini-growler that holds more than a 12-ounce bottle or can which may not be enough, but not as much as a 32-ounce growler, which is sometimes too much for one person.

“We’ve been listening to our customers over the years, and many of them have remarked how they would love to buy our beers in a large single serving format,” said remarked Shane Welch, chief visionary of Sixpoint Brewery in a press release. “However, a recurring comment from customers was they were not seeing as much value in the traditional and antiquated 22oz bomber bottle.”

So far, only Bengali IPA has been placed in the new format, but other beers are being considered. SILO cans of Bengali IPA will retail for $3.49.