Sixpoint Brewery has hired Trillium Brewing Co. head brewer Eric Bachli to head a new product development team.

Bachli started out as a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry before joining Barleycorn’s Craft Brew in Natick, Mass. as a brewer. He then moved on to Blue Hills Brewery, in Canton, Mass. as an assianant brewer before joining Jack’s Abbey Craft Lagers as an intern. Bachli then became a brewer for the Craft Brew Alliance in Portsmouth, N.H. before joining Boston-based Trillium Brewing Co. where he has worked as a head brewer for the past two years.

In addition, he has degrees from both the Siebel Institute and the UC Davis Master Brewers Program, and he holds a diploma in brewing from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling.

“I’m incredibly excited to join Shane and the Sixpoint team as we continue to pour our collective passion for brewing into innovative beers and experiences,” said Bachli in a press release. “The imagination and creativity from Sixpoint has been a major influence and reminds me why I got into the beer industry in the first place. I got a good look at that imagination, and knew I had to be a part of it.”

Bachli will be teaming up with Horace Cunningham, Sixpoint’s vice president of brewing and quality, and Sixpoint founder Shane Welch to create the new product development team, which will be tasked with devising new limited beers, including “a new wave of small batch, innovative beers starting this fall through a first-of-its-kind sales channel.”

According to a press release, Bachli will formally start at Sixpoint in November.