After releasing 4Beans last year, Sixpoint Brewery will be releasing the next iteration of the popular beer this fall.

Continuing the trend of adding one bean to the already existing beer, the Brooklyn, N.Y.-based brewery will be releasing 5Beans, a 10.5 percent ABV imperial porter that incorporates black cardamom beans, Madagascar vanilla beans, cacao beans, coffee beans and Romano beans. The new beer is an evolution of its 4Beans imperial porter (10 percent ABV) released earlier this year, which as it’s name implies, incorporated four different beans: Madagascar vanilla beans, cacao beans, coffee beans and Romano beans and 2013’s release of 3Beans imperial porter (10 percent ABV) which was brewed with three different beans: cacao beans, coffee beans and Romano beans.

The new beer is part of Sixpoint’s Mad Scientists Series, which began in 2010 and includes beers that have “a dynamic blend of art and science, at the intersection of craft and chemistry.”

In an email, Sixpoint spokesman Michael Lenane told Tenemu that 5Beans will be “a limited beer” and is scheduled to ship to retailers in October “spread throughout our current (distribution) network.”

Update (Aug. 15, 2016) — This post was updated to include details on the release date. It was originally published on Nov. 2, 2015.)