This weekend, Side Project Brewing will be releasingĀ a collaboration with Mikkeller ApS that incorporates a component from each brewery.

SpontanFermier is a blend of two different beers: Side Project’s Saison du Fermier and the same Belgian lambic from Mikkeller that is used in the brewery’s Spontan series of releases. According to a post on Side Project’s blog, the final creation is a straight 50-50 blend of the aforementioned lambic and Saison de Fermier.

“Being a saison producer, I have wanted to blend our flagship beer, Saison du Fermier, our spelt Saison, with authentic Lambic for years,” reads the blog post. “I thought that this American Saison / Belgian Lambic blend might even be the first of its kind, but have since learned that at least one of our friends did do this blend a while back for a small, special release beer ;). Either way, I have been trying to find Lambic for years for this concept and recently, Mikkel, of Mikkeller, helped me fulfill this conceptualized beer so I could create and blend a beer that we aptly named SpontanFermier.”

According to the blog post, SpontanFermier will be packaged in 375ml bottles ($20) with a purchase limit that will be based on the number of people in line when it goes on sale Aug. 13.