One popular way to create a variation of a time tested favorite beer is to apply the magic of bourbon barrel aging. While not foolproof, in the case of Space Drop, the result has been described as “out of this world.”

Space Drop is a dry-hopped, bourbon barrel-aged version of Short’s Brewing Co.’s American pale ale Space Rock. The 6.9 percent ABV Space Drop is aged in the barrels for seven months and emerges “bright with a golden hue” according to a press release. “Space Drop pours with a big head that settles quickly into a thin layer that clings to the glass. Citrus aromas are accompanied by subtle scents of oak and bourbon.”

Space Drop will be a member of the Elk Rapids Bomber Series from the Bellaire, Mich. brewery. Produced in “very limited quantities” the beer will only be available in Michigan stores.

An email sent to Short’s requesting additional details was not immediately returned.