One of The Boston Beer Co.’s most anticipated annual releases is now shipping to retailers.

The beer is Samuel Adams Utopias 2017, a 28 percent ABV ale that is brewed with maple syrup and is composed of a blend of a number of different beers, including 24-year-old Triple Bock, 17-year-old Millennium, previous Utopias vintages, Kosmic Mother Funk, and “a variety of barrel-aged blends.” The beer was then divided up and aged it in a variety of different barrels, including single-use Buffalo Trace Distillery bourbon casks, ruby port and white carcavelos barrels.

In addition, a new type of barrel was incorporated this year, namely Aquavit barrels, a Scandinavian spirit with distinct flavor from spices and herbs, primarily caraway or dill. Finally, a portion of the final blend was finished in muscat barrels before being bottled.

While the ale was first released by the Boston-based brewery in 2002, this will be only the tenth time the limited release has been sold.

According to a post on the Samuel Adams website, Utopias 2017 is packaged in 24-ounce decanters made by Ceramarte in Brazil ($199), with approximately 13,000 bottles available at retailers across the brewery’s nationwide distribution network starting today.