Next week, fans of The Boston Beer Co.’s unique creations will finally get to buy it after a year-long hiatus.

That beer is Samuel Adams Utopias Limited 2019 Edition, a 28 percent ABV ale brewed with maple syrup before being brewed in aquavit, bourbon, carcavelos, cognac, madeira and ruby port barrels before being packaged in 24-ounce decanters made by Ceramarte in Brazil.

While the ale was first released by the Boston-based brewery in 2002, this will be only the twelfth time the limited release has been sold. The 2017 incarnation of the limited release ale featured the same ABV, but it was aged in aquavit, bourbon, muscat, ruby port and white carcavelos barrels.

According to a comment on the Samuel Adams Facebook page, Utopias 2019 will be packaged in 24-ounce decanters that are scheduled to be available at retailers across the brewery’s nationwide distribution network starting on Oct. 15 In addition, while pricing has not been confirmed, bottles of Utopias have historically been priced at $199 each.

An email sent the brewery for additional information was not immediately returned.