Saint Somewhere Brewing Co. is releasing its Caroline saison in 750ml bottles. It has been available on tap only in years past, but is making a comeback after a few years on hiatus and with a few tweaks to the recipe.

“Caroline is a straw colored Saison aged on whole bean coffee so it’s picked up the aroma and flavor of black coffee without the color,” said Bob Sylvester, owner and brewer of Saint Somewhere, to Tenemu. “In time, the coffee will give way to green pepper. Otherwise, clean and as all of our Farmhouse Ales, a dry finish.” Caroline measures 5 percent ABV.

“It is named for my youngest daughter who loves coffee. We are also releasing ‘Anne’ (My wife), a saison brewed with and fermented with elderflowers as well as ‘Caitlin’ (my eldest daughter), a saison brewed with whole dried orange slices and fresh orange zest.”

All of Tarpon Springs, Fla.-based brewery’s farmhouse ales are open fermented with its house yeast and “Free Range Tarpon Springs Brettanomyces,” unfiltered and bottle fermented.

Caroline will be available throughout Florida, although the first release is limited to 65 cases.