Once again we have arrived at that time of the year when giving is in the air, sleigh bells are ringing ever so slightly in the distance, and jolly ole’ Saint Arnold is ready to gift the world its present: Bishop’s Barrel No. 12.

For this year’s Bishop’s Barrel, the brewers at Saint Arnold took Christmas Ale, the 7 percent ABV old ale, and aged it, along with tart cherries and three different strains of brettanomyces, for 21 months in sauvignon blanc wine barrels.

Saint Arnold Bishop's Barrel 12
The result? An 8.9 percent ABV beer that the brewery says is both sweet and funky.

This is the second time Saint Arnold has used Christmas Ale as the base beer for a Bishop’s Barrel bottle. The previous version was Bishop’s Barrel No. 2, way back in 2011. Bishop’s Barrel, the brewery’s barrel-aged series, is designed to have the aging complement the base beers. Bishop’s Barrel 12 was brewed in January 2014 and entered barrels in February 2014, meaning it was in barrels for over seven months longer than the next oldest release in the series

Bishop’s Barrel No. 12 is available today in 12-ounce bottles and on tap.