Santa sails into stores, not sleighs. At least in November according to Saint Arnold.

The Houston-based brewery is releasing about 12,000 bottles of its annual holiday beer, Sailing Santa, a 5.7 percent ABV beer that is a blend of Saint Arnold’s Elissa IPA and Christmas Ale. Both beers are brewed separately, then blended together in a fermentor with spices added at the end of the process. The finished product uses a combination of Cascade and two other unspecified American hops, along with three different malts.

Saint Arnold Sailing Santa

“The result is a pleasantly hoppy strong dark ale with spices,” explains the Saint Arnold website. “The genesis of this beer came from our customers on tours asking to blend the two beers with somebody coming up with the name Sailing Santa. We have now added spices to the beer, changing the mix slightly from year to year, to add to the holiday experience of enjoying a pint.”

According to the brewery, Sailing Santa has already been shipped to distributors, and will be available in 22-ounce bottles ($5.99) on shelves across Florida, Louisiana and Texas starting on Nov. 17.

For those wondering, Christmas Ale is on shelves now.