As if Leap Day was not cool enough, Saint Arnold Brewing Co. will be releasing a new beer on Feb. 29.

The new release is Divine Reserve No. 16, a 10 percent Adambier that is brewed with all German hops, kolsch yeast and German malts, including rauchmalt.

“The recipe is our brewing operations manager’s, Stephen Rawlings,” said Aaron Inkrott, brewer at Saint Arnold, in an email with Tenemu. “He wanted to do something different. Something obscure and new to Saint Arnold. He’s also a big fan of German style beers, so that helped.”

The Adambier is the latest release in Saint Arnold’s Divine Reserve Series, which debuted in 2005 and is made up of “single batch beers, each brewed with a completely different recipe.”

According to Inkrott, Divine Reserve No. 16 will be packaged in both 12- and 22-ounce bottles. The beer will be released on Feb. 29.