Saint Arnold Brewing Co. has released a new bottled variant of a draft-only beer to celebrate New Year’s Eve, but you will have to visit the brewery to get one.

Das Brut IPA is a 6.6 percent ABV IPA that is based on the Houston-based brewery’s Brut IPA, with one significant difference: how it is carbonated.

“Before bottling, (Das Brut IPA) was centrifuged to get the original yeast out and dosed with a small amount of sugar and champagne yeast,” reads a post on Saint Arnold’s website. “The bottles then went through a secondary fermentation, creating a higher carbonation level which adds increased texture and aromatics in the final beer – making it the perfect way to say: Happy New Year!”

According to a post on Saint Arnold’s website, there are 100 1.5 liter bottles of Das Brut IPA ($89) available for sale now exclusively at the brewery. Due to Texas state law, the beer must be enjoyed on premises and each bottle is hand numbered and tagged.