For the third time in 10 years, Russian River Brewing Co. will be releasing a beer to commemorate a major anniversary for a popular California bar.

The beer in question is Toronado 30th Anniversary Ale, a 7 percent ABV Belgian-style pale ale brewed with regular yeast and finished with brettanomyces, which was injected into the bottle using the Santa Rosa, Calif.-based brewery’s inseminator yeast injector, which is a device invented by Russian River’s owner Vinnie Cilurzo along with Ken and Brian Grossman from Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. five years ago. Russian River has released anniversary beers for San Fransisco-based Toronado Pub twice before, with Toronado 20th Anniversary (10.43 percent ABV) having been released in August 2007 and Toronado 25th Anniversary (8.7 percent ABV), which was released in August 2012.

“The beer is not a sour beer like the 20th and 25th Toronado Anniversary beer,” said Cilurzo in an email to Tenemu. “I wanted to do something different this time around as I knew there will be plenty of other sour beers brewed for the Toronado 30th by other great brewers.”

According to Cilurzo, there will be approximately 200 cases of Russian River’s Toronado 30th Anniversary Ale that will go on sale during Toronado’s 30th anniversary celebration in mid-August, although some bottles will also be sold at Russian River.