One of Russian River Brewing Co.’s most famous beers is getting close to being released.

Vinnie Cilurzo, owner and head brewer at Russian River, told Tenemu that Beatification will be blended “this week” with packaging taking place next week.

Beatification is the Santa Rosa, Calif.-based brewery’s Sonambic, a wild ale that is spontaneously fermented and typically finishes around 6 percent ABV. After brewing, the beer is transferred to a coolship, where it remains overnight to collect wild yeast and bacteria from the air. It is then transferred again, this time into oak wine barrels to ferment and age before being bottled.

This will be the seventh incarnation of Beatification, which was first released in 2006. The wild ale was last available on Dec. 14, 2013, and was only available for sale at the brewery.

When asked about a release date, Cilurzo wrote in an email, “…we don’t have one. The beer tells us when it is ready, because of this we do not pre-select a release date,” adding that the typical amount of time between bottling and release is “…three to four months but the Beatification is more unpredictable.”