Two members of the Jester King Brewery family are leaving to start their own brewery.

Shareholder Ron Extract joined the Austin-based brewery as it was being built, and supplied connections with industry insiders as well as working on getting bills through the Texas state legislature that changed the laws that were in place, allowing breweries to legally sell beer to customers so they can drink at the brewery or take beer home with them.

Michael and I (Jeffery Stuffings) were very fortunate to have someone with Ron’s experience and knowledge as our partner. Having no prior industry experience ourselves, Ron was able to connect us with people and organizations that accelerated the growth, awareness, and reputation of the brewery. Ron of course also worked very hard at helping push through the package of bills that allow Jester King to pursue its current business model.

Amber Watts started out working at Jester King as a volunteer in the tasting room, but eventually was put in charge of brewery reporting and government compliance. In addition, she organized a number of events at the brewery, including the Salty Sow beer dinner, 2015 Funk n’ Sour Fest, the all-Dichotomous beer dinner, and “2015” Zwanze Day.

According to a statement from founder Jeffery Stuffings, Extract and Watts are leaving to start a new brewery in “rural Washington in the months ahead.”