The Rare Barrel has released Hyper Paradise, a 6.3 percent ABV golden sour ale that has been aged in oak barrels and conditioned on both mangoes and passion fruit.

“Hyper Paradise is a blend of gold and pale malts,” The Rare Barrel’s description says. “All barrels underwent a saison primary fermentation and were later inoculated with an array of Brettanomyces strains. Over half of the beer used in this blend was aged in unrinsed barrels that previously housed various mixed cultures and developed a moderate acidity. This was then blended with the non-sour portion of this beer and re-fermented with almost 60 pounds of mangoes per oak barrel and 19 pounds of passion fruit per oak barrel.”

Members of  The Rare Barrel’s Ambassadors of Sour membership program were are able to purchase up to eight bottles, in addition to the two included in the membership. The 750ml bottles are $30 each, before the member discount is applied and pick-ups begin today.

There are currently no plans to release bottles to the public once the member sale is completed.