For the second time this year, Prairie Artisan Ales will be releasing a variant of one of its most popular beers.

In an email, Zach Prichard, president of Krebs Brewing Co., told Tenemu that the Tulsa, Okla.-based brewery will be shipping a new release of Pirate Bomb! (13 percent ABV), a variant of the brewery’s Bomb! imperial stout brewed with coffee, cocao nibs, vanilla beans and chillies that has been aged in rum barrels for “between 5-7 months.”

This will be the fourth time that Pirate Bomb! has been released, with the first incarnation having shipped in October 2013 exclusively in Oklahoma, the second release shipping in September 2014 and the last incarnation shipping in March of this year.

According to Prichard, the newest incarnation of Pirate Bomb! will be packaged in 12-ounce bottles and is scheduled to ship “around the first of November.”