Next month, Prairie Artisan Ales is adding two more brewery exclusive beers to its lineup.

The first new release is Okie Paradise, a a blend of two different beers: two year-old Okie (12 percent ABV) that has been aged in whiskey barrels for two years and a barrel-aged stout that has aged in rum barrels for 11 months. In an email, Zach Prichard, president of Krebs Brewing Co., told Tenemu that the beer will also be aged on toasted coconut before being bottled. Okie Paradise will be packaged in 12-ounce bottles with a price of $12 each.

In addition, Prairie will be releasing “a very small amount” of Bromance, an imperial brown ale aged in whisky barrels and packaged in 12-ounce bottles which is ” a special label we did for a local charity auction.”


“We donated an auction item that allowed the winner a private barrel selection process,” said Prichard in an email to Tenemu. “They will pick their favorite barrel from a lot of two year old Prairie Okie barrels.”

These two new beers will bring the total number of Prairie brewery-exclusive bottled releases to five:

Both Okie Paradise and Bromance and will have per person purchase limits that will be announced closer to the release.