Next year, Prairie Artisan Ales will have an additional place to call home.

In an email, Zach Prichard, president of Krebs Brewing Co., told Tenemu that the company will be opening a new 3bbl facility in April 2017 that will encompass approximately 4,000-square-feet, with the brewing area taking up about 1,5000-square-feet of that total. In addition, Prichard wrote that “beer fans will be able to get many of our existing beers but we will be cranking out new beers in OKC”, and that the new brewery will “likely” have limited bottling or canning capabilities.

In to a post on its website, the company indicates it will be hiring a brewer for the downtown Oklahoma City, Okla. that will “become the face of the Prairie brand.” In addition to the brewing area, the new facility will include a 100-seat taproom as well as a “collaborative art space” that will feature an artist’s work area “allowing our fans insight to all things Prairie Artisan Ales.”

Currently, the vast majority of Prairie’s beers are produced at Krebs Brewing Co., a 50bbl production facility located in Krebs, Okla. that supplies beer to 23 states and 30 different countries. In addition, Prairie also operates a brewpub in Tulsa, Okla. that produces a limited number of the company’s beers.

In June, the Prairie brands were purchased by Krebs Brewing Co.

Update (Oct. 2, 2016) — This post was updated to include details on opening date as well as specific layout information. It was originally published on Sept. 28, 2016.