If you’re a member of Prairie Artisan Ales’ membership club and you want a custom barrel of beer, you’re in luck.

Members of the $500-per-year Prairie Dawg membership club will be able to purchase an entire barrel of either rum- or bourbon-aged stout that have been aging in the barrels since “earlier this year” for $3,600.

The purchasers are then being allowed to add up to three spices or adjuncts to condition the beer on, choosing from vanilla, coffee, cinnamon, cocoa nibs, peppers, pecans and coconut, although the brewery is willing to work with other spices if it is feasible. Prairie will then decide on the appropriate dosage rate for each spice, and each barrel beer must be conditioned on the same adjuncts.

Zach Prichard, owner of Krebs Brewing Co.—Prairie’s parent—told Tenemu that the base beer is “the stout we use for the vast majority of our barrel aged beers.”

According to Prairie, each barrel should consist of 53 gallons of beer, and the brewery will package the resulting stout into either 12-ounce bottles, barrel kegs, or a mixture of both.

While yields will vary, Prairie estimates that each barrel should yield approximately 450 12-ounce bottles or 8 1/8 barrel kegs. In addition, purchasers of each barrel will be able to pick out a name and choose from three different pre-designed labels.

These labels will be subject to approval by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), like any other commercial beer release.

“At this point we have no plans to extend this beyond the Prairie Dawgs”, said Prichard in an email to Tenemu. “It is a great way to connect with the members. Additionally anything beyond that may be too complicated to execute well.”

Members will be able to purchase barrels until Sept. 15, and the final beer will be packaged and be available for pick up in December.

Prairie Dawg is Prairie’s annual membership club that opened to new members for the first time in May. For an annual cost of $500 plus tax, members will be receiving 16 bottles of “varying sizes” along with various other amenities. Membership is closed.