Next week, Perennial Artisan Ales will be pre-selling packages that include four different versions of one of the brewery’s most popular stouts, including a variant that has never been bottled before.

That beer is 2019 Abraxas, a 10 percent imperial stout brewed with ancho chili peppers, cacao nibs, cinnamon sticks and vanilla beans packaged in 750ml bottles. As was the case last year, the brewery will also be releasing bottles of 2019 Coffee Abraxas, a 10 percent ABV variation of Abraxas that is brewed with Pacas Viejo from Santa Petrona sourced from Dark Matter Coffee; and 2019 Vanilla Abraxas, which is the same base stout conditioned on vanilla beans.

However, for those people that pre-order packages online, the three aforementioned variants will be joined by a brand new bottled version, namely 2019 Coconut Abraxas, which incorporates coconut into the base stout. According to Perennial, pre-ordering the package will be the only way interested parties will be able to purchase 2019 Coconut Abraxas.

Abraxas was first released in bottles by the St. Louis, Mo.-based brewery in 2011 and has been a seasonal release since then.

According to a post on the brewery’s website, customers will be able to purchase a bundle package containing one Coffee Abraxas, one Vanilla Abraxas, one regular Abraxas, one Coconut Abraxas and a custom bottle bag for $115 plus fees via this Eventbrite site starting on Oct. 17 at 11 am CDT, which will be password protected until date and time of the sale.

The purchased bundle packages will then be available for pick up at the brewery during regular business hours in one of two different weeks:

  • Week 1: Oct. 30 – Nov. 3
  • Week 2: Nov. 6 – Nov. 10

Finally, unlike last year, there will be no variant bottles released at the brewery, but Perennial  is allowing proxies to pick up the beers.