On Sept. 3, Orpheus Brewing will release the second bottled beer in its history.

The new beer is Barrel-Aged The 12th Labor, a 13 percent ABV imperial stout brewed with dark candy syrup and nugget hops as well as 2-row, Munich, chocolate, beechwood smoked, Special B, roasted barley and black patent malts before being aged in bourbon barrels. The regular version of The 12th Labor (13 percent ABV) is available starting in December every year.

“The 12th Labor is an overpowering 13% Imperial Stout with intensely layered flavors of dark chocolate, coffee, smoke, and dark fruit,” explains the Orpheus Brewing website. “You’ll be lulled to dreams of a distant past you can’t quite remember in a world teeming with noise and flesh. With each sip, The 12th Labor is a struggle at the edge of darkness.”

Originally Barrel-Aged 12th Labor was supposed to be released alongside another new bottled beer, Barrel-Aged Sykophantes, however, shortly after announcing both beers’ release, Orpheus announced that Barrel-Aged Sykophantes would be delayed for a few weeks.

Barrel-Aged Sykophantes (9.5 percent ABV) uses the brewery’s Sykophantes (7.5 percent ABV) as a base before the beer is aged in cognac barrels. It is brewed with organic black mission figs and nugget hops as well as 2-row, Munich and Special B malts. After brewing, the beer was then aged in cognac barrels.

Orpheus Barrel-Aged Sykophantes

“In ancient Greece, “showing the fig” was a vulgar hand gesture, and Sykophantes means “one who shows the fig,” reads the Orpheus Brewing website. “Earthy and full of dark fruit flavor from hundreds of pounds of figs and dark candy syrup, but with a sourness that cuts the gentle sweetness.”

According to Orpheus, Barrel-Aged The 12th Labor is packaged in 22-ounce bottles and will be available for sale at an event at the brewery on Sept. 3 before being distributed to retailers on Sept. 4.

Update (Aug. 31, 2015) — Shortly after this story was published, Orpheus announced Barrel-Aged Sykophantes would be delayed. This story has been updated to reflect that.