Olde Hickory Brewery’s Mesoamerica-inspired ale is soon to be bottled.

Next month, Olde Hickory Brewery in Hickory, N.C. says that it will be releasing Acan, an imperial brown ale brewed with sweet agave and aged for 16 months in tequila barrels. According to Steven Lyerly, master brewer at Olde Hickory Brewery, “folks with aversions to tequila might not like it, oh well.” The beer boasts a 12 percent ABV which makes it a “nicely dry” brown ale, according to the brewery.

Olde Hickory Brewery plans to package this beer in 12-ounce bottles. The 12-ounce bottles will be sold in four-, six-, and 12-packs. The beer will also be available in one-sixth-bbl kegs.   This will be a limited release from Old Hickory with only 120 cases and an estimated 20 one-sixth-bbl kegs being released. Acan will be available in North Carolina and South Carolina in mid-July.