Olde Hickory Brewery is bottling one of its barleywines.

According to Steven Lyerly, co-founder and head brewer at Olde Hickory, the brewery will be releasing Cubano Walker, a 10 percent ABV barleywine “aged on Spanish cedar harvested from cigar boxes.” In addition, the beer will conditioned with nitrogen before bottling instead of the more standard CO2.

Although the name is different, Cubano Walker is the same beer as a former draft-only brew that the Hickory, N.C.-based brewery released in 2014 named Irish Walker, a 10 percent ABV barleywine aged on Spanish cedar chips.

According to Lyerly, Cubano Walker will be packaged in four-packs of 12-ounce bottles and it is scheduled to be released “by the new year.”

Update (Oct. 13, 2015) — This post was updated from the original published on Oct. 12, 2015 to include details on release date, packaging details and additional brewing details.