Next weekend, Off Color Brewing will be releasing a beer that combines two if its most popular beers with some complimentary fruit.

The new beer is Wunderkammer, a 5.8 percent ABV ale that is made up of a blend of the brewery’s bourbon barrel-aged Dawdle (6.2 percent ABV) and fresh Scurry (5.3 percent ABV) that has then be refermented with “a melange of Balaton and Montmorency cherries.”

“Balatons have a deeper, chocolate character and add almost a cinnamon quality, reads the Chicago-based brewery’s website. “Montmorency are brighter and more acidic; classic pie cherries. Yeah, it’s good.”

According to a post on Off Color’s website, Wunderkammer will be packaged in 750ml bottles ($16) and will have a three bottle per person limit when it goes on sale at the brewery on June 18.