The collaborations continue for Jester King Brewery, with one of the newest involving Off Color Brewing.

Radiolaria is a 4.5 percent ABV American wild ale that is brewed with sorachi ace hops as well as pils, flaked wheat and special aromatic malts at Chicago, Ill.-based Off Color Brewing on Feb. 20. The new bottle-conditioned release is unique in that it combines Off Color’s house lactic acid bacteria with Jester King’s indigenous wild yeast culture.

“We think similarly about beer and put a lot of thought into why we make whatever it is that we’re making,” said John Laffler, co-owner of Off Color, in an email to Tenemu. “There’s not a ton of breweries out there that think along similar lines and JK is definitely one of those that do. This beer in particular was about expressing and blending terrior. Hops, malt, spices, etc are sourced from all over the world and water, while unique to place is super easy to reproduce. As brewers it really only leaves us with fermentation organisms…”

“The name Radiolaria comes from the intricate mineral skeletons found in the ocean, which figuratively represent the living world of microorganisms responsible for the flavor profile of the beer,” explains a post on Jester King’s website.

Jester King Radiolaria

According to Laffler, about 2,500 750ml bottles were filled and “the vast bulk” will be exclusive to Chicago, with a “very limited amount” to be sent to 12% Imports, which does the brewery’s national distribution. Off Color Brewing does not currently distribute in Texas, so the beer will not be available to purchase in Texas.

According to Jester King, Radiolaria is available for sale now in the Chicago area.

Update (May 18, 2015) — Added a quote from Jester King as well as release details. The featured image was originally posted by My Beer Buzz.

Originally published on April 13, 2015.