NoDa Brewing Co. has released one of its most popular seasonal beers in cans this week for the first time.

NoDajito is a 4.8 percent ABV “Mojito-inspired” Belgian-style wittier that is brewed with mint leaves and lime zest. It was first released “as an easy drinking festival beer”, and debuted in 2012 at the Gastonia Grizzlies Beer Fest. According to the Charlotte, N.C.-based brewery, the beer received such a good reception it was added as a draft -only “warm weather” seasonal release.

NoDajito is the third of NoDa’s seasonal releases to be released in cans, following Hoppy Holidays IPA (6.5 percent ABV) in December 2014 and Hop Cakes double IPA (10 percent ABV) in February.

According to NoDa, NoDajito is packaged in four-packs of 16-ounce cans, and was released this week.