Starting on Dec. 8, Coloradans will finally be able to purchase Ninkasi Brewing beers.

The Eugene, Ore.-based brewery has announced it will be entering the Colorado market with C.R. Goodman Companies distributing Ninkasi beers on tap and in bottles across the state.

“Colorado is home to a number of great brewers and has a super fun, educated, passionate and enthusiastic craft community,” said Nikos Ridge, co-founder and ceo of Ninkasi Brewing, in a press release. “We are stoked after many years of attending GABF and other beer events there, to be able to distribute our beers year-round!” 

In addition to the beer, the brewery is bringing its Beer is Love donations program to the state, which offers donations to non-profit organizations in the areas that Ninkasi distributes its beers in order to help those organizations “raise funds and awareness to achieve their goals.” Under this program, the brewery donated 780 barrels of beer to organizations in 2013 alone.