Ninkasi Brewing is celebrating 10 years in business, and releasing a new beer to commemorate the occasion.

The beer is N10, a 10 percent ABV “imperial blended ale” that, as its name suggests, is a blend of five different Ninkasi releases: 50 percent Imperial Stout (9.1 percent ABV), 10 percent Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout, 12.5 percentImperial Total Domination IPA (6.7 percent ABV), 12.5 percent Imperial Maiden the Shade IPA (6.8 percent ABV) and 15 percent Critical Hit Barleywine (11.7 percent ABV.)

“N10 is a very special beer, blending together five cornerstone recipes each telling its own story about our brewery,” said Jamie Floyd, founding brewer and co-founder at Ninkasi, in a press release. “This beer is big, flavorful and heavy-hitting.”

According to a press release, N10 will be packaged in 22-ounce bottles enclosed in a “collectible outer box” and will begin hitting the Eugene, Ore.-based brewery’s entire distribution network starting in July.