A smaller bottle option is on the way for fans of Ninkasi Brewing Co.’s Vanilla Oatis in August.

According to Ali Aasum, communications director at Ninkaski, Vanilla Oatis will remain a 7 percent ABV oatmeal stout brewed with whole vanilla beans, chocolate, crystal and two-row pale malts, as well as oats, roasted barley and nugget hops. However, the Eugene, Ore.-based brewery will be adding 12-ounce bottle option for the oatmeal stout, which debuted in 2013 packaged exclusively in 22-ounce bottles.

Ninkasi Vanilla Oatis 12-Ounce Bottles 2

In an email, Aasum told Tenemu that the new six-packs of 12-ounce bottles will launch across Ninkasi’s entire distribution network in late August and will coincide with a label refresh of the 22-ounce bottles.