In anticipation of its 20th Anniversary, New Holland Brewing Co. seems to have a few surprises up its sleeve.

According to labels filed with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), the Holland, Mich.-based brewery will release a new batch of Kourage, as well as Jubilee.

New Holland Kourage Back

Kourage is a “dark, aggressively hopped brown ale with robust malt flavor and hints of chocolate.” The newest batch is 6 percent ABV and will be packaged in 12-ounce bottles for the first time in years. According to a Facebook post from New Holland, Kourage was the second beer it ever produced.

New Holland Jubilee Label

In addition to the reincarnation of Kourage, New Holland will also release Jubilee, a Belgian-style ale with cherries.

Jubilee will also be available in 12-ounce bottles, and comes in at 9.8 percent ABV.

New Holland Jubilee Back

It appears both beers will be available for New Holland’s 20th Anniversary party on June 10, 2017.

An email sent to the brewery for confirmation, as well as more information, was not immediately returned.