For the third year in a row, New Glarus Brewing Co. will be releasing a Vintage blend as part of its R&D Series.

The New Glarus, Wis.-based brewery’s newest beer is Vintage 2016, a 5 percent ABV “American sour” that is a blend of beers brewed in 2014 and 2015. The beer was soured naturally in the brewery’s coolship before being aged in oak barrels and was bottled in April 2016, and is the third Vintage release, after Vintage 2014 debuted in 2015 and Vintage 2015 was released last year.

Following Sour Porter (6.25 percent ABV) in May, Vintage 2016 is the second of three different beers to be released in the brewery’s R&D Series this year, with the final beer scheduled to be released on Sept. 22.

According to a post on New Glarus’ Instagram page, R&D Vintage 2016 will be packaged in 500ml bottles ($15) and will be available at the brewery starting on Aug. 11, with a two bottle per person per day limit.