Fat Tire was the first beer that New Belgium Brewing Co. produced back in 1991, and now there is a new incarnation on the way.

The new version is named Fat Tire Belgium White, a 5.2 percent ABV Belgian-style wheat ale brewed with Seville orange peel and freshly ground coriander. The original Fat Tire Amber Ale (5.2 percent ABV) was inspired by on of the Fort Collins, Colo.-based brewery’s co-founder’s bike trip through Europe and is brewed with goldings, nugget and Willamette hops.


“Fat Tire Belgian White captures the spirit and flavor of a truly authentic Belgian White beer,” said Peter Bouckaert, New Belgium brewmaster, in a press release. “We are sourcing the Seville orange peel and coriander through Old Town Spice Shop locally here in Fort Collins, so the spices are freshly ground less than a mile from our brewery. This gives the beer a fuller, fresher flavor and aroma resulting in a very drinkable Belgian White beer with just the right amount of complexity.”

According to New Belgium, Fat Tire Belgium White will be packaged in 12-ounce bottles and is scheduled to be shipped across the brewery’s distribution network starting on August 1. In addition, there will also be 12-ounce cans available that will be included in an upcoming variety pack.

Update (April 4, 2017) — This post was updated to include details on the release date and distribution information. It was originally published on April 2, 2017.