Modern Times Beer has announced that its four season beers for 2015 will be offered 16-ounce cans, another set of beers leaving bottles for aluminum.

While all four of the beers have been released before—two were released in 22-ounce bottles—this will be the first time any of them have been canned by the San Diego-based brewery. The four beers are: Oneida, a 5.2 percent ABV pale ale which uses Halletau Blanc hops; Aurora, a 6.8 percent ABV red rye IPA, which incorporates Equinox hops; Booming Rollers, a 6.8 percent ABV IPA which is brewed with citra hops and City of the Sun, an 8 percent ABV IPA which uses motueka and mosaic hops.

Modern Times Beer Cans

“With these four beers, the seasonal program essentially becomes our rotating IPA slot, making our line-up hoppier & more aggressive than it currently stands,” said Jacob McKean, founder and ceo of Modern Times Beer, in the post on the brewery’s website. “All of these beers go heavy on new wave hops from the fruit-forward end of the spectrum, and that’s the point. We want to profile some of the fascinating new stars of the hop world, and these beers do it, big time.”

The release schedule has Oneida available from March through May, Booming Rollers available June through August, Aurora available September through November and City of the Sun available December through Feb. 2016.

According to the brewery, all four beers will be available in four packs of 16-ounce cans and on draft across Modern Times Beer entire footprint, which currently includes parts of California and Hawaii.