Historically, Modern Times Beer has released one specific beer per month in limited amounts, and next year will see that trend continue.

The San Diego, Calif.-based brewery has announced 12 special releases and the list includes seven new beers as well as five returning favorites.

The brewery has released details on the bottles through the end of the year:

  • January 2016 — Devil’s Teeth with Coffee — A blend of an old ale and an imperial stout with Black House Blend coffee added
  • February 2016 — Floating World IPA (7.8 percent ABV) — IPA brewed with J-17 and Southern passion hops
  • March 2016 — Hooloomooloo Double IPA (10 percent ABV) — Double IPA brewed with manderinabacaria, mosaic, motueka, galaxy, & Experimental Hop 07270 hops
  • April 2016 — Iron Sunrise — Ale incorporating hops from New Zealand and Yakima Valley, Wash.
  • May 2016 — Mega Black House (10 percent ABV) — imperial stout brewed with Black House Blend coffee
  • June 2016 — Universal Friend — Saison brewed with pinot noir grape must and fermented with the brewery’s Lomland yeast blend
  • July 2016 — Protocosmos — IPA brewed with Australian and American hops
  • August 2016 — Fortunate Islands with Grapefruit Zest (5 percent ABV) — American pale wheat ale brewed with grapefruit zest
  • September 2016 — Sleepless City with cocoa nibs & vanilla beans — Brown ale brewed with cocoa nibs and vanilla beans
  • October 2016 — Trueland Pale Ale (5.6 percent ABV) — Pale ale brewed with simcoe and Amarillo hops
  • November 2016 — Haunted Stars (8 percent ABV) — Imperial rye porter
  • December 2016 — Mega Fortunate Islands (8 percent ABV) — Double IPA brewed with citra and Amarillo hops

Floating World IPA, Hooloomooloo Double IPA, Mega Fortunate Islands, Fortunate Islands with Grapefruit Zest and Mega Black House have all been released before. The ABVs for previous versions of the beer are listed above, Modern Times has not indicated whether the alcohol levels will change.

According to the brewery, all of the releases will be packaged in 22-ounce bottles.

Update (Dec. 18, 2015) — This post was updated to include details on beers being released from July-December. It was originally published on Dec.16, 2015.