An upcoming sour ale from Martin House Brewing Co. may seem a bit familiar to fans of the brewery.

El Chuco is a 6.7 percent ABV sour ale brewed with agave and guava that is named after the nickname for the city of El Paso. While the ale is the same beer as the Fort Worth, Texas-based brewery’s La Cura that was released earlier this year, the change came about after the name was rejected by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB.)

“Yes, (El Chuco is the) same recipe as La Cura,” said Shugg Cole, spokesperson for Martin House, in an email with Tenemu. “We had to change the name as the TTB would not approve La Cura because it translates to ‘The Cure’ and could be interpreted by the public as having ‘curative properties.'”

According to Cole, El Chuco will be packaged in 12-ounce cans that are scheduled to ship to retailers in March 2019.

(Nov. 14, 2018) — This article was updated with naming details, release information and distribution details. It was originally published on Nov. 17, 2018.