After first appearing as an apparent one-off at last year’s Untapped Festival in Fort Worth, the Martin House Brewing Company has announced it’s bringing back Kafkaesque as a new, “micro-seasonal” offering.

Available during the month of January, Kafkaesque finds inspiration in the surrealism of author Frank Kafka, and is described as the “most ambitious and confounding beer Martin House has ever produced.” The style description alone may have you “cackling at the moon like a madman,” given the beer is billed as an Imperial Smoked Black Rye Oaked Raspberry IPA.

According to the brewery, the goal in creating Kafkaesque was to make something “menacingly complex and surreally distorted.” The list of ingredients is certainly suggestive of the first part of that phrase, while limited-edition glassware accompanying the release is an embodiment of the second, especially considering it has the look of a leaning tower of craft beer.

A launch party for Kafkaesque is scheduled for Thursday, January 15, at the Pour House in Fort Worth. After that, the beer will be sold at area bars and restaurants as a draft-only release.