A name familiar to many in the home brewing community in Dallas, The Manhattan Project Beer Co. has revealed that it will begin commercial production in October 2016.

Karl and Misty Sanford first teamed up with fellow founder Jeremy Brodt in 2010. At the time, the goal was simply to design a special beer for Karl and Misty’s wedding, but after working together the group found it had a unique sort of synergy that led it to formally establish The Manhattan Project in 2013. Since then, the trio has gone on to win over 25 awards at local, regional and national homebrew competitions for both Belgian and American-style brews, including a version of the beer that started it all, a Belgian-American brown ale known today as Inception.

As for how The Manhattan Project will get its beer on the market, the company has entered into an alternating proprietorship with Bitter Sisters Brewing Company. Like other similar agreements, this essentially means the two companies with both be licensed to brew at the facility presently occupied by Bitter Sisters in Addison, Texas.

The brewery plans on offering free samples of its products at events around the city between now and October.

This article first appeared on BeerinBigD.com.