The Lost Abbey has a large portfolio of barrel aged offerings, and soon it will grow even more.

According to labels filed with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), the San Marcos, Calif. brewery will release Genesis of Shame, an oak aged brettanomyces ale with peaches.

The back of the label says:

The path for Sinners and Saints alike was forged in the Garden of Eden. The decision to eat from the tree of knowledge led to the Genesis of Shame. Banished from the Garden for their actions, the rest of us now suffer the fate of their choice. It sucks.

Thankfully, there is no shame lurking in this bottle of beer. In fact, there’s nothing but delicious goodness waiting for you. We’ve blended oak aged beer from one of our foeders, married it with a fresh blond base beer, and kissed the whole thing with peaches [not from Eden’s Garden, mind you] to hopefully deliver us from that hell known as shame.

Genesis of Shame is 6.5 percent ABV and will be packaged in 750ml bottles.

An email sent to the brewery for more information was not immediately returned.