Less than a year after entering the Dallas/Fort Worth market, Live Oak Brewing Co. has decided to leave.

According to a statement posted on the De Valle, Texas-based brewery’s Facebook page, the decision was reached after realizing that it could not continue to supply the north Texas market and meet demand in its other existing markets at the same time.

“In fact, even with recent increases in production capacity, we are up against our maximum production threshold and we find ourselves in a position where we can’t make enough beer to satisfy demand in all our territories,” reads the statement. “If we continue at our current pace, Live Oak will produce upwards of 30,000 barrels this year. That is 100% more beer than we made last year. That is also approximately 10,000 more barrels than we currently have cellar capacity for.”

While Live Oak is pulling out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, it is planning on reentering the market at some point in the future. The brewery’s beers are now available in the cities of Waco, Austin, Houston and San Antonio.