It’s fairly simple. The closer you get to the equator, the hotter your summer will be. Prepare then for the imminent arrival of Live Oak’s “perfect summer beer.”

Until recently, Live Oak Brewing Co. of Austin, Texas produced only draft beers. Since then, a number of the brewery’s offerings have been made available in aluminum.

Most recently, Live Oak began efforts to can their summer seasonal beverage, Berliner Weiße, the company’s Berliner weisse. The aluminum armor for the canned version will be 12-ounces in volume. Cans of Berliner Weiße will retain the 3.2 percent ABV of the draft version.

“The traditional wheat ale … features a svelte malt character, low bitterness, and effervescent carbonation” according to the brewery website. “Berliner Weisse is a special beer that undergoes naturally limited Lactobacillus and subsequent ale yeast fermentations to organically produce a delicious, lemony tartness.”

An email sent to Live Oak seeking additional details was not immediately returned.