Lakewood Brewing Co.’s most anticipated release of the year is only three months away.

The beer is this year’s Bourbon Barrel Temptress, an 11 percent ABV variation of the Garland, Texas-based brewery’s Temptress imperial milk stout (9.1 percent ABV) that is brewed with both lactose and vanilla. In an email, Craig Bradley, marketing and events manager at Lakewood, told Tenemu that this year’s incarnation will have been aged in bourbon barrels from Breckenridge, Colo.-based Breckenridge Distillery for approximately seven months before it is bottled.

The first release of the barrel-aged beer was as a draft-only option in 2012 before it was bottled for the first time in 2013 and every year since. The 2013 incarnation was aged in Bulleit bourbon barrels and came in at 10.2 percent ABV while the 2014 version was aged in Old Forester barrels and came in at 9.8 percent ABV and the 2015 incarnation came in at 11.3 percent ABV and was aged in Heaven Hill bourbon barrels.

According Bradley, 2016 Bourbon Barrel Temptress will be packaged in 22-ounce bottles and is scheduled to be released in mid-December. In addition, while total release numbers are not known since the beer has not been bottled yet, Bradley told Tenemu that the release will “still be quite limited.”