Lakewood Brewing Co. is now shipping its second Temptress variant of 2018.

Coconut Temptress is a 9.1 percent ABV imperial milk stout conditioned on vanilla and six pounds of toasted coconut per barrel that debuted last year. The Garland, Texas-based brewery debuted the variant last year, although that release was in August instead of April.

Coconut Temptress is part of the Seduction Series, variations of Lakewood’s Temptress milk stout that use different adjuncts to enhance the flavors of the base beer.

The brewery’s 2018 release calendar features some major changes to the line. Lakewood retired three of the four longstanding releases in the series: Raspberry Temptress, Mole Temptress and Sin Mint Temptress. They are being replaced by two new to be announced variants in the series that will be shipped in August and November.

According to an email sent to Tenemu by Lakewood, Coconut Temptress 2018 is packaged in four-packs of 12-ounce bottles that are shipping to retailers across the brewery’s distribution footprint now.