At the end of the month, Lakewood Brewing Co. is celebrating five years in business by releasing its latest anniversary beer.

In an email, Craig Bradley, marketing and events manager at Lakewood, told Tenemu that Lion’s Share V will be a 9.6 percent ABV Scotch-style ale that will be composed of a blend of beer that been aged in both Scotch whisky and bourbon barrels. This is the first Scotch-style ale has been released in the Lion’s Share series, as well as the first release that is a blend that has been aged in two different types of barrels.

“It’s not a double barrel-aged beer in the sense that all of it was aged in one type of barrel, then moved to another type of barrel,” said Bradley in an email. “We took some of the beer and aged it in scotch barrels, and some of the beer was aged in bourbon barrels. We’ll then blend the two together for the final beer.”

This will be the fifth Lion’s Share release since 2013, when Lakewood Brewing Co. started releasing beers the series to commemorate its anniversary:

  • Lion’s Share (9.8 percent ABV) — Belgian-style IPA aged in oak barrels with brettanomyces — 2013
  • Lion’s Share II (3.6 percent AB) — berliner weisse aged in wine barrels with black currants — 2014
  • Lion’s Share III (9 percent ABV) — old ale aged in red wine barrels — 2015
  • Lion’s Share IV (12.4 percent ABV) — Belgian-style quadrupel aged in brandy barrels — 2016
  • Lion’s Share V (12.4 percent ABV) — Scotch-style ale blend aged in both Scotch whisky and bourbon barrels — 2017

According to Bradley, Lion’s Share IV will be packaged in 22-ounce bottles and is scheduled to be shipped to retailers “shortly thereafter” the anniversary party on July 29.