Next week, Lakewood Brewing Co. will release releasing its newest beer during the Great American Beer Festival, but fans in Texas will have to wait another three weeks to try it.

The beer is Cuvée de Vélo, a 5.8 percent ABV mixed culture American wild farmhouse-style ale aged in French oak barrels between six months and three years.

In an email, Craig Bradley, creative director at Lakewood, told Tenemu that Cuvée de Vélo will be released for the first time at the Denver Rare Beer Tasting on Oct. 6. In addition, the ale will debut in Texas during an event at Lakewood on Oct. 27 for the kick off of North Texas Beer Week, where bottles will be sold exclusively for on-site consumption due to state laws.

According to Bradley, Cuvée de Vélo will be packaged exclusively in 750ml bottles that will be “very limited” and distribution plans are still being finalized.