For the first time ever, Lakewood Brewing Co.’s Mole Temptress has been released in bottles.

Like previous incarnations of the beer, this version of Mole Temptress from the Garland, Texas-based brewery is a 9.1 percent ABV imperial milk stout brewed with assorted chilies including ancho, chipotle, guajillo and pasilla; cinnamon and 100 percent cacao nibs. The beer, which debuted in 2013, celebrates Cinco de Mayo. While previous years have used cacao nibs from Dallas-based chocolatier Dude, Sweet Chocolate this year’s release does not.

Mole Temptress is part of the Seduction Series, which are variations of Lakewood’s Temptress milk stout that use different adjuncts to enhance the flavors of the base beer. While in past years the beers in have been draft-only releases, Lakewood is releasing four different Seduction Series beers in bottles this year: Raspberry Temptress, which was released in February; Mole Temptress; French Quarter Temptress, which is scheduled to be released in the third quarter and Sin Mint Temptress which is scheduled to be released in the fourth quarter. In addition, Bourbon Barrel Temptress, which is not a part of the Seduction Series, is scheduled to return in December as well.

In an email with Tenemu,  Craig Bradley, Lakewood marketing and events manager, wrote that “about 900 cases” of the imperial milk stout were bottled and released yesterday. According to Bradley, they should start landing on store shelves today and will be “going out to stores on normally scheduled deliveries throughout the week.”